Maternity Ward in a Bomb Shelter in Rivne City

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Project need $85.000

We seek to equip a make-shift maternity ward in a bomb shelter with all necessary supplies and equipment at the request of the Mayor of the city of Rivne. That way, the Maternity Hospital can continue providing services to pregnant mothers and infants.

have $7.800
goal $85.000

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The Rivne region in Ukraine has been under shelling since the beginning of the war. But even under fire, hospitals, schools, and state institutions continue to perform their duties. Air raid alarms go off quite often, alerting all the civilians of the need to move to the nearest bomb shelter. Fallout shelters must be set up with all the vital first aid services.

A maternity ward in Rivne operates 24/7 and has an existing fallout shelter on their territory, prepared and equipped to accommodate 400 people. The patients and residents can utilize the shelter to hide during shelling. But the priority of the hospital remains the ability to continue providing medical care and delivering babies even during a raid. After all, babies come into the world on their timeline.

The administration of Rivne the hospital turned to us with a request to help them equip their shelter with essential devices for delivering babies. Operating tables, ventilators, bassinets for newborn babies, and surgical kits are crucial during delivery times.

Women and children, especially newborns, are the ones who need our protection and support the most. Doctors who continue their work during the war are real heroes. Let's keep them together and help the maternity house in Rivne.


people can be treated in this bomb shelter at the same time


babies were born in Rivne since the war started


babies were born in bomb shelters in Rivne


hospitals were shelled during the war


hospitals were destroyed completely


of all pregnancies have resulted in premature birth due to the war

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