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Promote bilateral working relationships within the United States and Ukraine in culture, business, economy, and government.


Our Mission

Promote bilateral working relationships within the United States and Ukraine in culture, business, economy, education, and government in order to establish practices that would decrease obstacles pertaining to foreign investments and market access.As of February 24, 2022, our mission has pivoted to solely focus on providing humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine fighting for their freedom. UA House is uniquely positioned to provide critical assistance due to previously established working relationships with Ukrainian and US government officials and organizations.
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Our Goals

Engage in advocacy efforts with both the United States and Ukrainian governments on behalf of different organizations/businesses to improve market access.Facilitate networking opportunities with government officials and the private sector through conferences and events to decrease obstacles pertaining to foreign investments.Providing strategic advice, analysis, and education to support decision making for growth and expansion. ​Donate humanitarian aid and provide assistance to Ukrainians fighting for freedom.

Statement From

The Chairman

Ukrainian American House has been a passion project for a very long time. At the age of 21 I had an opportunity to immigrate to the United States. With no knowledge of the language or startup capital I became a business owner of a continuously growing company. This country rewarded my hard work with opening doors I never knew existed. I want to share my successes and experiences with those who are constantly seeking for something better.For the past two decades I have witnessed the impact of war and civil unrest from afar. Ukrainian American House has worked with relief efforts and now we would like to work with business and community leaders to create opportunities for the Ukrainian people.It is my honor and privilege to partner with business professionals in their respective fields to provide educational tools, resources, business and networking opportunities to influence business in the United States and Ukraine.Uniting for a better future!Sincerely,
Vlad Skots

Our Projects

Assistance To New Arrived Emigrants
Mission Of Mercy
American University in Kyiv
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